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Early 2017 BESIX hired its first Drone Engineer to accelerate the implementation and development of RPAS (Remotely piloted aircraft systems) within the Group.
The first focus was to explore the possibilities of coupling sensors with drones to collect site information that improves surveying results in terms of safety, precision, speed, type of measured data, at a lower cost.
Techniques of aerial footage capture are also tested to facilitate site progress reporting and inspection. This kind of footage provides high value visual support for interaction with our clients and for documentation of the sites.
On the longer term, it is our vision to make use of RPAS for curing, transport and construction automation.

This is a revolution in reporting the way I know it.

Nic De RoeckArea manager, marine works

Thanks to the use of drones, we were able to precisely (re-)assess the impact of our project on the environment and immediately take the necessary corrective measures. We were able to completely clean the river, to the satisfaction of the staff working on this project and our client.

Paul CallebautResident Manager Sri Lanka, BESIX

If I would have had a drone last week,...

Olivier LavaudSurvey Manager, Egypt

Would it be possible to use drones to deliver small parts or tools?

François GuiotProject Manager, Belgium

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Milan Reniers

Drone Engineer - Brussels Engineering Dpt.

mreniers@besix.com | +32 474 94 67 19

François Snoeck

Manager digital solutions – Engineering Dpt. – BESIX Group

fsnoeck@besix.com | +32 498 44 01 14

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