Aerial Footage

Progress report

Automation allows to fly a predefined path on a regular basis, minimizing the time for a flyover. This kind of footage provides high value visual support for interaction with our clients.

Corporate movie

Create stunning aerial footage to blend into a corporate movie or a presentation movie. Create hyperlapses of a construction site by flying around on monthly basis.

Virtual tour or 360° flyover

Create incredible, interactive, immersive virtual tours with dedicated equipment, as if you were there! Shoot a single scene at 360 ° and assemble video streams easily for an unmatched immersive experience!



Site surveillance

*This option is not yet available as legislation, in virtually every country, states that a drone should be under control of a human being.

Automated remote site surveillance can cut costs on night watch.Plus a drone can cover more angles. Fully autonomous, it can perform missions on a regular time interval. It can be triggered by events such as a signal of a motion detection sensor aimed at a gate or a fence.

Surveillance drone example