BESIX internal drone policy

  • Every RPAS* pilot is solely responsible for every flight he undertakes. Keep in mind that you not only represent your company but also a vast community of enthusiast people that are waiting for a more flexible legislation.
  • Every RPAS pilot on any Besix construction site shall keep abreast of current RPAS legislation in the country where he/she is located.
  • Every RPAS pilot respects his/her operating manual at all times if applicable, knows its limits and adapts his/her flight accordingly.
  • Every RPAS pilot shall respect the privacy of others. He/She shall check local privacy commission before the first flight.
  • Every RPAS pilot shall run a full check list before each flight. A template can be requested here.
  • A RPAS bought within Besix group is to be notified to Head Office.
  • A RPAS bought within Besix group is the property of Besix group. Once a project terminates Head Office should be contacted in order to assign the drone on a following project.
  • A RPAS bought within Besix group is only to be used for training and for professional purposes.An incident implying a RPAS should be reported to Head Office. The sole purpose for this is to keep track of possible issues with RPAS and help others avoid being injured.


*RPAS : Remotely Piloted Aircraft System