We can offer you an end to end solution.

Our Services

We can help you with ...

Local Regulations

We can take sort out local regulations and take care of legal aspects regarding exemptions, certifications and agreements.

Finding the right partner

It can be a hassle to hire the right subcontractor or to find the right tool. Through our well based network we'll be able to find the person that fits the job.


You're thinking about using drones for your new project but have no idea how much you should budgetize? Together, we'll transform your needs into specifications and finally into a budget.


You have an idea that could be realized with help of drones? We can help with research and if necessary development with help of external partners.


We can fly for you and if we can't we'll find the right person to do it.

Technical issues solving

If you want to develop on site an already existing applications, we can help you solve the technical issues and bring you up to speed.

With you all the way...

Flight preparation


Post processing

Raw data reworked to valuable data

Data analysis